5 questions with Edlyl Asis

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5 questions with Edlyl Asis

Founder of Modern Calligraphy by Edlyl

In our digital world there is something so special about a handwritten note. Not only is it sentimental, but depending on the scribe - it can also be a thing of beauty. No two calligraphers have the same writing, which makes every note unique and a reflection of their personal style. This month we've sat down with the lovely Edlyl to learn a little more about how she became captivated with calligraphy.


Can you tell us a little about yourself and the skills you need to be a calligrapher?

I'm Edlyl, I'm a stylist and lettering enthusiast. I started my calligraphy journey six years ago when I attended a modern calligraphy workshop. I wanted to pursue a career in weddings and thought calligraphy would be a handy additional skill to pick up. I just fell in love with it and just kept practising.

The main thing you need as a calligrapher is patience. It really is all about practising and so taking your time and just having the patience to persevere is key.


Who do you look to for inspiration and has your style evolved over the years?

Yes, definitely! At the start, I really wanted my calligraphy to resemble the fonts you see on Pinterest, but as time went on, I realised that incorporating my own style makes my writing more unique.

Inspired by fellow calligraphers like Betty Soldi and Chiara Perano, I started to embrace my writing and became confident in being more adventurous with it.


What have been the most memorable projects to work on and is there a dream project?

I love pushing the boundaries of calligraphy so it excites me when I'm asked to write on things other than paper.

The most memorable project for me would be taking part in Kirstie's Handmade Christmas, the table styling competition. I got to design a festive table using my calligraphy. It was really exciting coming up with different ways to incorporate lettering to my design whilst keeping it stylish

My dream project would be to do a whole wedding design from invites, place cards to decor and styling. Written words are so personable, it would be a perfect way to create a memorable and romantic wedding.


What's in your calligraphy toolkit?

My go to calligraphy materials are an oblique pen holder, Nikko G Nib, Higgins Eternal Ink and a quality notebook with fountain pen friendly paper - such as the Letts Create notebook. If you're still learning, the Letts notebook with dotted pages might also help, as the page design makes the perfect guide while you practice.

If you're feeling really adventurous and want to write on a more unusual surface, I'd suggest using a Posca pen!


What's the best way for someone who is interested to get involved or start trying calligraphy?

There are so many helpful resources available online and books to buy, but my biggest advice is to either attend a workshop either in person, (if you can safely), or online.

Getting to grips with the basic techniques at the start is really important, so being able to learn from someone on how to do this is much better than trying to teach yourself. Again, patience and practice are key! The more you write, the more your writing gets better.

If you want to find out more or sign up to a digital workshop with Edlyl, visit her website: edlyl.co.uk